October 2009
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Me? Slow and cautious? Never!

So if you read this, you probably already know what I did this weekend.

Back in August, I convinced Tolerant to come stay at my place for a couple of weeks just to see what living together would be like (and to see if she could really put up with my shit day after day). She grabbed a duffel bag and came over in early September.

About a week in to the experiment, she got a letter from her landlord saying they were going to raise the rent $300 a month.

You read that right: Three. Hundred. Dollars. A. Month.

Needless to say, she wanted to tell them to shove it someplace painful. Being the nice girl she is, however, she just gave them 30-days notice and started packing her stuff. After some deliberation, she decided to accept my invitation and we spent last weekend moving most of her house to my house.

This is where it helps to have friends, lemmetellya.

Thanks go out to Illyana, The Fop, Crystal, The Princess and Bender for helping lug stuff up and down stairs at both ends of the move!

The cats aren’t quite sure what to do with all the new furniture here – Zoe is taking it mostly in stride, but Trouble is bouncing off of everything like it’s his own personal Parcourse.

Me, I’m liking things. We’ll see in a couple weeks if Tolerant doesn’t end up strangling me :)

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