January 2006
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Update – WP 2.0

To answer B’s question about why the commenters don’t get a rich text editor: because it doesn’t work as well.

It turns out that the thing is slow to respond, so if you hold down the backspace key or something, it doesn’t always stop where you want it to. This means us lousy typists end up spending a lot more time correcting typos.

It also makes any cut-and-paste operation twice as long, since you will have to go back and edit the HTML to fix the tags it breaks.

So, it’s easier to use the old editor – at least for me. You can turn the RT editor off in the “Options – Writing” pane.

2 replies to “Update – WP 2.0”

  1. bc Says:

    This whole WP 2 works a lot slower for me. All of it. Not true for you?

  2. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    Some parts are noticeably slower, others about the same. I think it has more to do with your host’s speed, since this version falls more heavily in the “client – server” framework. (more of the features are ‘live’ from the server instead of living on your local machine when you have it open.)

    I do most of my posting from the laptop in the garage, which is slow to begin with, so I may not be seeing accurate results.