August 2005
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The hunt begins again

Posted in Life on August 4th, 2005

It seems that I have another mandatory day off scheduled for this week – it was supposed to be tomorrow, but our kick-ass office manager managed to get a couple of appointments for me. This just means the day got pushed back though, since the boss is under the impression that he just can’t afford to pay more than 80 hours in a pay period right now, and this would be a 96-hour paycheck.

So. He’s already not paying me what I’m worth, he’s shorting my hours, and I don’t think he’s managing the business correctly. It’s time to start looking for work again.

To this end, I was traipsing through Craigslist when I ran across a killer job – it’s got all the perks, looks challenging, and it’s something well-suited to a JOAT like me. Wow, right? Wrong – it’s a damn contract position, three weeks duration. Nearest I can figure, their current guru is taking some time off and they need a stand-in. Bummer.

The good news is, there were a couple other cherries in the pile. Time to dust off the ol’ resumee…