January 2005
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How do I get a hunting license in Redmond?

Things have been nuts at the shop, what with preparation for opening the new location and our rather booming business. I finally got to set some time aside over yesterday and today to build the three new machines for the new shop. (A gig of RAM per box…drool…)

Wouldn’t you know it, but the very first chassis I finished ends up with a bum power supply. (Who the fuck names their company iCute, anyway?) Grr. So, I swap in a replacement (we’ll RMA later) and go off in search of the Windows XP license keys the Boss told me about…

…And they cannot be found. I spent an hour sifting through a half-ton of useless MicroShaft paperwork to no avail. It seems quite likely the employee they fired for pilfering a couple months back nabbed them along with the other stuff he got. All he left were the server licenses.

So, the Boss spends an hour on the phone this morning with Redmond getting replacement keys, and I finally get the time again this afternoon to install XP…

…And the fucking keys are invalid.

Augh! I hop on the phone to call our Partnership Rep, and spend a few minutes explaining the problem…

…and the connection cuts out. Or, more likely, the fucker hung up on me.

“Hey Bill?”
“Why is their a little red dot on your forehead?”

“…in other news today, Bill Gates was the victim of an assassination in his office in Redmond, Washington. The only evidence the police have so far discovered is the sniper rifle used in the attack, lying on the ground next to a stuffed penguin just outside the Microsoft compound. Of special note is the gruesomely maniacal grin drawn in red marker on the penguin’s bill…”

NOTE: The above is a satirical account born of the feverish frustration of dealing with an inferior product, policy and company and is in no way meant to suggest anyone hunt down Mr. Gates like the dog he is.

4 replies to “How do I get a hunting license in Redmond?”

  1. BtFR Says:

    Gee, feeling a little snippy are we. You know, if you drank coffee I would suggest decaf. As you do not, I will help you with your problem if you wish. I can dress up as the nerd that Billy-Boy is, and we will go over to the paintball place and you can shoot as I throw CD-ROM’s at you while shouting marketing slogans about ME and Passport

  2. Impact Says:

    For that, I’d make a trip back up there….

    “What do you mean I just spent 8 grand getting certified on an obsolite OS?”

  3. Da Wolfie Says:

    Ooohhh! Let me call to reserve the pintball hall – when can you get back up here impact? :)

  4. Impact Says:

    With the way my finances are right now, about the time BtFR and I start updating our blogs on a regular basis.